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part 1 on own paper
Self-Defense                                                                                                                                                         7c

Analyze the difference between the objective, reasonable person standard and the subjective evaluation of a person who invokes a claim of self-defense, providing examples to support your findings.
Describe how those differences may become obscured depending upon the facts and circumstances of a particular case.
Explain potential challenges that could be faced by law enforcement when investigating crime where there is a claim of self-defense.
Standing in the shoes of a police officer, examine whether the validity of a self-defense assertion is something that you believe is appropriately determined at the law enforcement level.
part 2 on own paper
Use of Deadly Force 
 research a recent case on the use of deadly force and include the following:
Summarize the facts of your selected case and the court’s ruling.
As a criminal justice professional, explain your agreement or disagreement with the court’s ruling in terms of how it would affect your performance on the job.
Evaluate the constitutional aspects of the law regarding deadly force in the case of a fleeing felon.
Analyze whether you believe the law in the area of deadly force is aligned or misaligned, given the rules and limited exceptions, using examples to support your position.

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