Address how the system can be aligned to consider and respond to each population

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D4: The corrections system is a necessary component of the criminal justice suprasystem. In reviewing the history and contemporary issues of institutional and community corrections, several social justice topics emerge. Due to the plethora of issues surrounding the maintenance of institutional corrections concerning burgeoning budgets, mass incarceration, and research on the evolving methods of rehabilitation, a contemporary move is transpiring in the country to more fully utilize the community corrections process in a more transcendent manner in order to enhance reentry methods to target more successful outcomes.

A prime topic for discussion in the social justice administration arena involves the ability to effectively manage rehabilitation and behavioral monitoring of offenders afforded reduced incarceration periods through probation or parole. In this discussion each student must objectively view the system from the three points of a triangular perspective: the criminal justice system (police / courts / corrections), the offender, and the victim as all have an equal stake in the process. Address how the system can be aligned to consider and respond to each population’s investment in the system. Examples can be provided by supplying the links to any case studies or research found.

Analyzing the Social Justice Role of Institutional Corrections and Community Corrections in Society

Discussions must be professional, scholarly (Including theories and sources), and based on the evidence found, not personal opinion, conjecture, or anecdote.


Please follow all those instructions and write 300 words base on those links and references above:


Peak, Kenneth J. (2016) Justice Administration (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education – Prentice Hall

Textbook Weblink:

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