W2 IP Hiring, Training, and Professionalizing Private Security Personnel, law homework help

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This assignment must be done in APA format and be 3-5 pages in length:

The objectives for this assignment are: To discuss challenges facing security management professionals, to identify legal requirements applicable to private security enterprises, and to explain appropriate techniques to perform background checks on potential employees.

This is the assignment:

You are a Program Manager for ASIS International. XYZ Mall has asked ASIS for a customized training program for its recently hired security officers.

  • Research the type of tasks that a mall security officer performs on any given day.
    • To assist you in your research, consider the multitude of security tasks needed for a large mall, such as this one.
  • Considering these tasks, prepare a comprehensive list of training requirements and suggested curriculum designed for a group of brand new mall security officers.

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