US Government

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Below is the link to a video called ‘Cliffhanger.’

You are required to watch this video; it’s about 50 minutes long.

If the link gets broken, go to and then click the programs tab on top and then choose “Frontline” it’s in red and do a search for the video called Cliffhanger.

Answer the following questions after watching the video.

1) Can the President of the United States (doesn’t matter from which political party, I am talking about the office of the presidency in generaland not just about the current president) make long term decisions when people think in short term election cycles? Explain and elaborate

2) What role does the Congress, in particular the leadership of Congress play in the ability of the President to make or not make decisions? Can the President just act alone?

3) What are your thoughts about the power dynamic between the leadership of Congress and the Office of the Presidency?

4) What did you learn from this video? Any thoughts and observations about the video (likes or dislikes)?

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