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there are 2 separate questions  each question needs to be answered with 100 words or more! Also it needs to be in apa and also all work must be cited

1. ) The issue of state’s rights has been at the forefront of
the political process for many years. Although states have the
Constitutional right to act and plan independently of the federal
government, be ready to discuss why it is useful to develop a
communication network that emphasizes information sharing between local,
state, and federal entities? Can you provide some examples of
incidences that appear to display a lack communication, and also give
examples of other incidences that conversely appear to display a strong
communication link between local, state, and federal entities? Are there
events where state or federal agencies are justified in assuming
command of the response?

2.)Although mitigation is not one of the core mission areas
of an EOP, it is a very important component that addresses the
protection of people and structures, and the minimization of costs to
response and recovery actions. Compare mitigation and preparedness,
especially in the emergency management and homeland security arenas,
including the advantages and shortcomings of both.

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