SOCIOLOGY: Research Paper.

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This is sociology research paper that is due in 3 days time.


Here are the guidelines:


Write a research paper on the topic “Internet and its implications on a society”


The paper outline should be:


1. Title page (seperate page)

2. Abstract page (seperate page)

3. Introduction – Introduce your topic.

4. Research Questions – Develop a research question on the topic at hand.

5. Hypothesis – Provide 3 Hyphothesis Points for the research question that you have development. Use your the research you have found and opinions from others or self.

6. Conclusion + Recomendation

7. References

The content of the paper should be at leat 5-7pages long and doubled spaced. EXCLUDING title page, abstract page, and reference page. So if the content is 5 pages then total is 8 pages.


Please include 5 quality references as well. You may only use ONE wiki site as your source.




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5 to 7 Pages excluding title, abstract, reference page

5+ References







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