Vulnerability Assessment- Shikugeorge

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Assignment # 1: Vulnerability Assessment (20%) – Course Objectives # 2 – 4

Using the information on pages 85 – 107 of the Vellani text, develop a vulnerability assessment tool to be used to conduct a survey of a home, business, faith institution or other physical facility of your choice.

The paper is expected to include:

Cover page with student’s name, course title and number, Turnitin. Com score and date submitted.

Body of paper:

Introduction that provides the purpose of the paper.

Discussion of the site selection and the rationale for the site selected.

Components of the vulnerability assessment.

Suggestions and recommendations of security counter-measures to mitigate and reduce the risk of identified vulnerabilities to an acceptable level.

Reference list.

Appendix will provide a copy of the vulnerability assessment tool that you assembled and used for the project.

All papers should be submitted to the assignment folder and adhere to APA guidelines.  It should be a minimum of five (5) to ten (10) computer-generated, double-spaced pages and use a 12-point font.  Margins are to be 1 inch (top, bottom, right, and left).  This does NOT include the vulnerability assessment tool that will be added as an appendix.


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