PowerPoint Slide Show (Problems Globally Virtual Teams Face Within Thier Organization)

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Research and complete a 12–15 page draft of your case analysis that you will use for your power point presentation. You will use your draft to create, select, present and submit your draft results in a PowerPoint presentation format.

The draft should look as close as possible to the final submission. Include the following items in your power point:

  • Introduction: Describe the intent with which the course project is being undertaken to lead to cross-cultural collaboration across geographically distributed organizations.
  • Explain the objective of your research and evaluation of the case study, clearly bringing out the aspects or reasons that motivated you to carry out the research and evaluation.
  • Provide a clear briefing on the approach that you intend to pursue for your research and evaluation.
  • Case study evaluation: Display the Problems, Opportunities, and Solutions table.
  • Explain the problem or opportunities. Also, discuss any patterns and/or paradigms that emerge from studying the problem.
  • Discuss the solutions you have listed and analyze the relevance of the solutions you have arrived at. Examine the relevance of the assumptions made in arriving at the solution. Describe the resource requirements and constraints.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of the solutions and opportunities for research on the topic over a period of time.
  • Discuss the designs, approaches, contradictions, and the nature of the data used in the relevant research. Use Hofstede’s work as a key reference source.
  • Summary: This should contain a conclusion to your research and evaluation of the case study. State whether or not you agree with the findings in the case study. Finally, describe how you will apply the results in your selected organization or corporation.




***The PowerPoint presentation should be a reasonable length.  An important part of this project is distilling the major points in the written draft into an effective PowerPoint presentation that is well-designed, comprehensive, visually effective and readable. Think of this as a presentation you might make to the senior executives of a company or organization or to a conference focusing on leading geographically and culturally diverse teams.

Complete your presentation with speaker notes, citations, and visual aids such as tables, charts, data, links, and images.  Remember, this is a PowerPoint presentation, not a paper simply pasted into the PowerPoint format.  The presentation should make ample use of the Notes feature and should not contain large amounts of text on any one slide.  It is particularly important that you use the Speaker’s Notes to include a lot of the information that you cannot use on the individual slides.***

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