history chapter #17 Essay

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1) Describe three specific roles that the Railroad industry played in building factories and cities between 1877 and 1920. How did the railroad strikes of 1877 affect the reconstructed nation?

Instructions: This essay is to be one page only. Do not exceed one page. You are to follow the standard rules of grammar, sentence construction, punctuations, spellings, coherence, and clarity. Your margins should be justified on both sides. Put your name and the course identifier on the upper right hand of your essay. The spacing should be single spaced. I will grade your work using these components. You are to attach your essay as a Microsoft Word document and submit it through the Canvass medium for work submissions. Do not send it to me as an email attachment. I will not open, read, or grade it. Up to 50 points could be deducted from your essay submission if you do not follow these stated instructions. Pay attention to the due dates and times. Late submissions will not be accepted.

2) How did the interaction between people and the environment shape the physical landscapes of the West in particular?

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