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Directions: Read the prompts below and formulate a response of at least one half of one page in length for each question.  Please use examples from the textbook, if applicable.


1.Analyze the fundamental nature of terrorism and the threats it presents.


2.Define, delineate and dissect the concept of terrorism in such a way as to explain what investigators need to know and how they should investigate.


3.Outline the history of modern terrorism beginning with the events of the 1960s followed up with the main areas in which 20th and 21st Century advances have had a profound impact on terrorists and their ability to act.


4.Define and explain religious-based terrorism, national or ethnic terrorism, race-based or hate terrorism, narco-terrorism, and cyber-terrorism.


5.Describe what investigators need to know most about terrorists including group rules and structure, personal aspects of a terrorist’s commitment to the cause or group, and how the subject fits into the group and family.


6.Explain the multiple questions an investigator must ask and find answers to in apprehending suspects, including their philosophy, how the group is structured, how it functions and is governed, and how they relate to other members within the organization.


7.Write an essay on information regarding the following single-issue/special-interest terrorist causes that makes these areas actual terrorism acts: 

a.Animal rights

b.Environmental or “eco” issues




8.With the anti-abortion issue, either the pro-life side or the pro-abortion side can become violent in sidewalk confrontations with each other. How is this different from an act of terrorism as it is defined?





Directions: After reviewing the definition of terrorism in your text, define, compare, and contrast international terrorism and domestic terrorism.  Based on this information, which poses the more severe threat and why?  Please provide at least one example of a recent act of each type of terroristic act.



Your paper should be 1 to 2 pages in length.  Citations, references, formatting should be in accordance with APA guidelines.  For more information on APA format, please refer to the table in the APA Style Guide in the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

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