Strategic Planning & Innovation.3

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Critical Thinking: Environmental Analysis

Using Coca-Colo Co to complete the following two-step process:

First, conduct an internal assessment and complete an IFE. Use the following documents, which may be found in the organization’s corporate website:

 _Most current Form10K document

 _Most current Annual Report


Then develop a well-written paper describing the findings that you discovered by analyzing the data from the internal assessment.Present facts. Consider putting some of the data into a graphical display (chart, figure, table) to present information in a clear way. Use citations to substantiate your ideas. Insert the completed matrixes as appendixes and reference them within the body of the paper according to APA standards.


Your paper should meet the following requirements:

 _Be at least 1 page in length

 _Cite a minimum of three outside sources. 

 _Include all required elements, including a reference page and required appendixes.

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