Research Paper/ Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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MLA format

5-6 pages, include Works Cited page.

Stem Cell Research- Embryonic Research and use of ste cells/ tissues from aborted fetuses for medical research and advancement of life, pros and cons. Is it ethical for doctors to use cells/tissues from aborted fetuses and ovarian tissues from dead women to prolong life in others? What about amniocentisiis, the extracting of fluid from an unborn child for medical reseach, use of aborted fetuses, umbilical cord for medical research and recycling to save human life? What are the pros and cons of stem cell research from aborted fetuses? Is this practice ethical? Is it a big money maker and source of greed?

This is the topic, support stem cell reseach in this paper. Must use 4 sources. Use these 3 and any other.

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