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Create an outline and proposal for the research you will conduct. 



Compare the culture that produced the Venus de Willendorf with the culture that produces the Barbie doll. What common themes do you see in the Paleolithic culture that we share or have rejected in modern culture? Consider whether we worship Barbie, and if so, how? Consider society’s view of women in the Barbie era compared to that which the artifactual record suggests was the view of Paleolithic women.


Outline Template

Once you fill in your outline/map with some of the details of your essay, you will be well on your way to drafting the paper.  Make sure to include the author and date of each source where you are going to use it.

Suggested Outline for the Project


I. Introduction and Thesis Statement

·         Thesis should include the advancement in the humanities and its effect on the world

II. Events that Led to the Advancement

·         Discuss the background of the time period (insert author and date)

·         Discuss the climate of the period that led to the advancement (insert author and date)


III. Effects of Advancement

·         Discuss the advancement in detail (insert author and date)

·         Discuss how the advancement affected the humanities (insert author and date)

·         Discuss how the advancement affected the world (insert author and date)


IV. Evolution if the Advancement

·         Discuss how the advancement has evolved (insert author and date)

·         Discuss effects of advancement on later time periods (insert author and date)


V. Conclusion

·         Recap thesis statement

·         Close with general statements of how the advancement affected the humanities and the world in general



Add Bibliography here!


I need this done the same way the template appears 


Outline and Proposal

Following the annotations, you will be ready to plan your paper. An outline (one and one half pages) and a proposal (two to three pages) of your intended project are due. Quality proposals and outlines will not merely describe or find information but will have a strong and original point of view. The highest points are conferred for originality, the locating and detailing of controversies, and for nuanced papers that sensitively explore topics with deft subtlety. 


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