HR Recruitment

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The job identification that you created is a big hit with the CEO, who wants to know how you will recruit for this job or position. There are internal and external recruiting methods to consider, along with interview techniques, and compensation and benefits packages.


For this project piece:


  • Write a 1-2 paragraph overview of your proposed job selection process.

    • Be sure to include how you will recruit both internal (already employed at your company) and external candidates (anybody outside the company) for this job or position.


  • In 1-2 paragraphs, identify the way(s) in which you plan to interview job applicants.

    • For instance, is there a chain of interviews for this job? Is it a panel or group interview, or a one-on-one interview? Will you conduct a phone interview or use some other way in which to screen applicants?


  • Include a list of at least three potential interview questions along with corresponding “acceptable” answers.


  • Write a 1-2 paragraph description of the compensation and benefits packages for this job or position.

    • You may conduct independent online research of a similar job in order to create your own competitive compensation and benefits packages. Be sure to cite any outside research sources.


  1. JOB Identification


Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution


This company is in dire need of a Director for Alternative Dispute Resolution. The focus of the position is to make ADR processes available to all employees. ADR processes offer opportunities for efficient, fair, and early conflict resolution. The director plans, implements, and directs activities for the department and/or employees.  All the functions of this position aim at ensuring peaceful relationships within the organization and detecting and preventing conflicts as well as finds ways of increasing profitability.


Job Functions


  1. Control and manage the administration of litigations and claims with high financial exposures to the firm.

  2. Interact with Consumer Services and Technical Support Hot Line to provide crisis intervention and backup assistance for diagnosis of difficult repairs and customer dispute resolution.

  3. Promote the participation of employees in training programs.

  4. Coordination of team building projects and/or meetings to motivate employees

  5. Coordinate charity initiatives of the organization, including helping the local community.

  6. Disseminate information to the public regarding dispute resolution and prevention as well as lead seminars on the topic.

  7. Direct crisis management within the organization whether one on one with employees or department heads.

  8. Represent the company to institutional divisions as well as externally to media, government agencies, funding agencies, and other stakeholders.

  9. Determines what departments are struggling with profitability and tackles the problem to increase the numbers where needed.




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