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each Q in a separate file plz

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1- Please read the Globe and Mail ROB Magazine article about Indigo. (LINK)

After reading the article, reflect on the content we will cover this week about designing and managing services, developing pricing strategies, and designing and managing value networks and channels. The Indigo article details how the book and publishing industry has had to respond to competitive forces and technology influences. How have these changes effected their (1) pricing strategies, (2) the actual products they sell and (3) distribution strategies? Can you think of any other industries that have experienced such disruptive forces recently? As a marketer, how do you keep ahead of trends and adjust your strategy?



one page answer

2- The key here is to foster curiosity even if it get you into trouble, especially if you challenge the status quo. 

But be clear that fairness is not an issue in critical thinking. Indeed, fairness is often a way to manage ambiguity given the nature of how the term is used in Western environments — agreeing to what is thought to be right or correct — and get people off the hook for not addressing issues and ideas. Indeed, fairness may be uncritical in nature and scope.

With regards to ct, be aware that curiosity fosters but does not ensure effective ct depending on the issues that are being explored.

Your thoughts?

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