Qualitative Analysis

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Qualitatively compare the 1) political, 2) cultural, and 3) competitive environments in your two markets. Based on your analysis, recommend the “one best market” as your firm’s next market to enter. The firm in discussion is H&M (a clothing line) therefore the analysis should have a focus on the clothing and fashion retailing industry and its possible customer target. The two markets (and their economies) to COMPARE ARE SOUTH AFRICA AND AUSTRALIA and decide which one is a better option for H&M to venture and open business.

4 – 5 PAGES


•             Font type should be 12-point Times New Roman throughout the document.

•             Double-space all body text.

•             Indent first line of a new paragraph

References include in-text citations, articles and websites all properly formed in APA style.


Use Tables and Figures liberally – Anything that could be presented in a table, should be presented in a table.


Attached you’ll find more info on both countries from the same project.

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