English-last assignment

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I need help with my last assignment of english.


-First, I have to read the “Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen and create a visual setting in the first act. After that, I need to make a character chart ans as I read, I need to put details that come up on the chart under the character and get as many details as I can find.


-After reading the the first act, I have to read the act II and III for “doll house”. After read the acts, I have to write a response explaining how does it connect to the act I, does it add anything? Change anything? ( In characters, plot, setting). I should also say on the response what do I think of how the resolutions were treated.


– The last thing I have to do is read the text “Tamine” by Xuxi and the text “Eveline” and connect both in a response of 2 pages.


Thank you very much!


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