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Directions:Answer the questions below.  Your written responses should be at least one half of one page in length and should utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Please cite examples from the textbook, when applicable.


1.            Assaults and batteries on sports officials are increasing. In an effort to provide additional protections for officials while performing their sporting responsibilities, explain in your essay this area of law that provides criminal penalties (what they could be) on the assaulting and battering of sports officials while they are doing their jobs.


2.            What constitutes stalking? Discuss its specified conduct, threat requirements, and intent.


3.            The ever-continuing debate over when an infant falls under the protection of the criminal law began early in the common law. A large segment of the courts seems to follow the more widely accepted view that death at the hands of another person is infanticide only after the child has established an independent circulation, separate and apart from his or her mother; a fetus begins a heart beat at the 20th day after conception (using its circulatory system). Do you agree with Massachusetts that convicted Cass, a drunk driver who struck the auto of an eight-and a half-month pregnant woman that resulted in the death of her unborn baby? Not long after, South Carolina Supreme Court joined Massachusetts in holding that “a viable fetus was entitled to homicide protection and that manslaughter could be charged”. Give your stand and defend your position. What if that baby had been yours? Does that make a difference?


4.            Discuss the felony-murder rule. What does it apply to?


5.            Define forcible rape. Describe the several elements that make a rape forced and explain your solutions to this problem.

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