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the name of the textbook is a people and a nation


1. Discuss what you deem the TEN most important items [events, developments and/or episodes] discussed in the chapter. You must explain why each of the TEN deserves your consideration [why you believe it was important enough to write about?].

Question #2:

1. What information in the chapter interested you most; interested you least? Explain your response in both cases.

Question #3:

1. A large body of credible evidence shows that the Ancient Egyptians were Africans. Why do western scholars and historians ignore this evidence to support claims that there is still debate over the Egyptians’ race? What factors do you think explain this problem?

Question #4:

1. The Olmecs is the oldest known civilization in Ancient America.  The most visible evidence we have of them is the huge stone heads found in Central America.  Review these stone heads on the Internet.  Which race do you believe they belong.  If you believe the heads appear to represent that of Africans, what does that tell you about Ancient America and Ancient Africans.  Be reminded, several historical studies have shown an African presence in Ancient America that predates Columbus [See Michael Bradley’s, The African Presence in Pre-Columbia America and Ivan Van Sertima’s They Came Before Columbus..].

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