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For the next part of this assignment, you will build upon the analysis you have previously completed, creating a researched argument that focuses on a central claim that is supported by reasons and evidence. In the analysis paper, you asked questions and then conducted analysis in order to begin answering that question. Now, you will take a position on the issues raised by your analysis.


Your paper should be 4-6 pages and:

  1. Begin with an introduction that contextualizes and introduces your argument.
  2. Offer a unique thesis (likely based on the analysis paper).
  3. Use research and credible scholarly evidence to support a unique argument. At least 4 credible sources must be used
  4. Develop argument logically and clearly, making sure all claims are proven.
  5. Consider and respond to the plausible reactions to your argument in your essay.
  6. Raise questions for further study on this topic.
  7. Include proper documentation of all outside sources.
  8. Logical organization and structure to paper.
  9. Incorporate peer and instructor feedback in the final version.
  10. Use effective Grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and other sentence level strategies.
  11. Have a logical conclusion to the paper that explains outlines what is next.


Please consider these additional questions:


  • Have you established a clear context for your argument?
  • Is your argument significant? That is, have you established that your topic, and your position on it, contributes to an ongoing academic conversation in the field of composition, rhetoric, or education?
  • Are your premises and claims supported by credible reasons and academic evidence?
  • Did you establish a clear thesis and provide a roadmap for your readers so they can easily follow your argument?

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