DB 3

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Part 1 250 word minimum 


Trace the evolution and development of art through the periods of the Early Renaissance to the High Renaissance.


1. Explain what primarily distinguishes Renaissance art in general from the prior period.


2. Compare and contrast the work of an Italian Renaissance artist with a work done by a northern European Renaissance artist. Include a discussion of the different concerns and heritages of the Italian and Northern Renaissance artists and how these resulted in different characteristics in the art work of each region.  Be sure to use the new vocabulary as you describe the art works. 


Part 2 250 word min.


Compare and contrast two works of art done in two different eras/styles. 

Select one of the following pairs of eras/styles: Medieval and Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo,  Rococo and Neoclassical 



Include an overview of what primarily distinguishes the art work of each era, and then indicate specific formal or thematic aspects of each work that typify its era. Include a discussion of the role of changing cultural and political climates in influencing the shift from on style to the next. You may choose two paintings, two sculptural works, or two architectural works. Be sure to use the terminology regarding elements of art and principles of design that were used in chapters 1-5.


textbok: Getlein, Mark. Living with Art, 9th Ed., New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010

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