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Light Photograph

After contemplating the class lecture on “Sacred Light” and after reviewing the following two James Turrell videos, complete the following memory  and writing exercises. 

Memory Exercise:  Close your eyes and recollect a special event in time triggered by light.  Recall the type of light; time of day; and the myriad of details associated with the event or place.  Use the following prompts to assist in recollecting as many details as possible.

Writing Exercise:  Write continuously for five minutes about the event and related chained memories.   After five minutes, review your work and upload it to bblearn–making little to no change in the content.  Proofread for mechanical errors, before uploading.  Double-spaced. One-page.


1. Where did the event take place?

2. When or what time of year or day was it?

3. What sounds, smells, tactile and visual details accompany the memory?

Video Links:   James Turrell: Second Meeting               James Turrell: PBS




assignment due: 12 hours from now.

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