Marketing the 4P’s

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one written patge on the 4p’s for this company I have an example of what I have done, but it is not a written page just a list: sent you the web site and sent you what I have done. Here is an example of what the instructor is looking for:

PRODUCT STRATEGY.  Blue Sky currently offers a line of high-quality outdoor apparel items including cotton T-shirts, baseball caps, and fleece vests and jackets.  All bear the company log and slogan, “Go Play Outside.”  The firm has researched the most popular colors for its items and given them names that consumers enjoy—sunset red, sunrise pink, cactus green, desert rise, and river rock gray, among others.  Over the next five years, Blue Sky plans to expand the product line to include customized clothing items.  Customers may select a logo that represents their sport—say rock climbing.  Then they can add a slogan to match the logo, such as “Get over It.”  A baseball cap with a bicyclist might bear the slogan, “Take a Spin.”  At the beginning, there would be ten new logos and five new slogans; more would be added later.  Eventually, some slogans and logos would be retired, and new ones introduced.  This strategy will keep the concept fresh and prevent it from becoming diluted with too many variations.


The second way in which Blue Sky plans to expand its product line is to offer items of lightweight luggage—two sizes of duffel bags, two sizes of tote bags, and a daypack.  These items would also come in trendy an basic colors, with a choice of logos and slogans.  In addition, every product would bear the Blue Sky logo.






PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY.  Blue Sky communicates with consumers and retailers about its products in a variety of ways.  Information about Blue Sky—the company as well as its products—is available via the Internet, direct mailings, and in person.  The firms’ promotional efforts also seek to differentiate its products from those of its competitors.


The company relies on personal contact with retailers to establish the products in their stores.  This contact, whether in-person or by phone, helps convey the Blue Sky message, demonstrate the products’ unique qualities, and build relationships.  Blue Sky sales representatives visit each store two or three times a year and offer in-store training on the features of the products for new retailers or for those who want a refresher.  As distribution expands, Blue Sky will adjust o meet greater demand by increasing sales staff to make sure it stores are visited more frequently.


Sales promotions and public relations currently make up the bulk of Blue Sky’s promotional strategy.  Blue Sky staff works with retailers to offer short-term sales promotions tied to event and contests.  In addition, Nick Russell is currently working with several trip outfitters to offer Blue Sky items on a promotional basis.  Because Blue Sky also engages in cause marketing through its contribution to environmental programs, good public relations have followed.


PRICING STRATEGY.  As discussed earlier in this plan, Blue Sky products are priced with the competition in mind.  The firm is not concerned with setting high prices to signal luxury or prestige, nor is it attempting to achieve the goals of offsetting low prices by selling high quantities of products.  Instead value pricing is practiced so that customers feel comfortable purchasing new clothing to replace the old, even if it is just because they like the new colors.  The pricing strategy also makes Blue Sky products good gifts—for birthdays, graduations, or “just because.”  The customized clothing will sell for $2 to $4 more than the regular Blue Sky logo clothing.  The luggage ill be priced competitively, offering a good value against it competition.


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