02. For Zeek the Geek only – PPT slides

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Make a powerpoint presentation on these assignments:


Make sure to add some videos or images related to the topic:


There are 2 docs that should be done with power points slides


in Part 1 doc:

Make sure that the introduction must include:

(1-2 slides)

1.       Introduction must include:

          Purpose of report and Intended arguments

          What is our product?

          Why this product


          Purpose of Presentation (why this product)


(3-4 slides) Add some videos or images to make it more understandable to the viewers

1.       Customer Analysis by (e.g. Segmentation by four variables)









in Part 2 doc


Add some video or images related to it  (to make it more understandable to the viewers)

Maximum of 9 slides includes references that should be put on the last slide



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