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Select a cultural/ethnic restaurant that you have not visited prior to this semester.  Google a restaurant review from the NY TIMES to use as a template.  Submit a written review that includes DETAILED information about the setting, the service, the food options, background information on the restaurant, its location, include pictures.  The review is 3 PAGES in length, double-spaced, University standards writing, printed and stapled. 


Conduct an interview with any individual living in the U.S. less than one year.  Submit a 3 PAGE paper of your interview.  This can be a Q & A format, paragraph format, etc.  Include details about social, cultural and family life prior to living in the U.S.  Include information about food practices and changes after moving to the U.S.  Detail information about favorite foods, favorite family food rituals or recipes, food styles past and present, food availability and issues related to being in the U.S.

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