kim woods only 6 discussion questions

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6 discussion questions due wednesday morning (8/21/13)

50 words per question

please cite and reference


no plagarism


Anatomy and Physiology


Question 1

A member of the “Blues” gang was rushed into an emergency room after receiving a knife wound in the left side of his thorax. The diagnosis was pneumothorax and a collapsed. Explain exactly (a) why the lung collapsed, and (b) why only one lung (not both) collapsed.

Question 2

Harry, the swimmer with the fastest time on the Springfield College swim team. routinely hyperventilates before a meet, as he says, “to sock some more oxygen into my lungs so I can swim longer without having to breathe.” First of all, what basic fact about oxygen loading has Harry forgotten (a lapse leading to false thinking)? Second, how is Harry jeopardizing not only his time but his life?





Question 1

After reading the Clinical Case Study in Chapter 11 of Microbiology: Principles and Explorations, describe how the family who owns the farm could make conditions unfavorable to the infective agent. What is a specific way the infection could have been prevented? How is this case study related to recent produce-related food poisoning outbreaks in the United States?


Question 2

Choose a specific host–microbe relationship. What properties of the pathogen cause illness in humans? What symptoms result from infection? When you respond to your classmates, comment on strategies you believe effectively reduce the risk of infection based on the information provided.


Question 3

What are the differences among the following?

-Infectious and noninfectious diseases

-Communicable and noncommunicable diseases

Provide at least one specific example of a disease in your explanation. How does the disease affect human health? When you respond to your classmates, comment on strategies you believe effectively reduce the spread of infection based on the example provided.


Question 4


Respond to the following Critical Thinking Question from Chapter 15 of Microbiology: Principles and Explorations. Despite their best efforts, hospitals seem to be unable to reduce their nosocomial infection rate to zero. What are some reasons why there will always be some nosocomial infections?











































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