only one page reading respond mla needed be done less 5 hours

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  • Long (read the whole book—it won’t take as long as you think)
  • Gardner (166-178, paying particular attention to “Cultural Studies,” “Marxist Criticism,” and “Structuralism”)
  • Go to, click on “Critical Approaches to Fiction” and then read the sections on “Structuralism” and “Marxist Criticism.” I would highly suggest you read the sample essay on Jamaica Kinkaid’s “Girl” included as part of the “Marxist Criticism” page.
  • Assignment:

    • Discussion Board: Post a response to some (obviously not all) of Long’s book in which you discuss one or several stories under the auspices of cultural studies, structuralism, or Marxism critical approaches. There’s more information on critical approaches at the Purdue OWL page (search for owl critical theory and it’ll come up).

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