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Answer the following four questions in paragraph form (a paragraph is usually five to six complete sentences; break long answers into smaller paragraphs). Cite any and all sources at the bottom of your assignment. 

1) The term “lute” covers many different instruments from the age of antiquity, but they essentially referred to a plucked instrument containing a fingerboard. Using your provided materials and any other sources, describe two of these “lutes”. Give their names, where they were used, what they looked like, etc. 


2) Seek out at least one video of a monochord demonstration. Describe what you see and hear. Provide links to the videos. 


3) View one video demonstration (not provided in the D2L materials) of a musical work on the four-course and one video demonstration of a work on the five-course guitar. List the name of the work, composer, what year (if known) it was written, and if you notice any major differences in the styles. Provide the links to the videos. 


4) Explain in your own words what ‘alfabeto’ was. Who were some of the most successful composers to publish in alfabeto?

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