art project 3

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To be subversive might be to undermine, upset, disrupt or sabotage something established or existing. 





1. Select several well-known advertisements, or posters, album cover, etc. and then design two separate, yet challenging and interesting 

subversive messages which reflect your ideas or meaning on a particular issue. Your subvertisements can be completed in a collage 

form using pieces of color paper, images or text from magazines or the Internet. This assignment will further your understanding of 

the visual elements and principles of design which become inherent in works of art. 


2. You may also use Photoshop or Illustrator, yet this is not a cut & paste of original items. You must modify the original image. 


3. A viewer should be able recognize your selected imagery, yet be able to see your new, original and unique messages. 


4. Each finished image should be at least 8”W X 10”L and should cover the entire surface. 


5. You will also include a written analysis with your subvertisements, which should include the following: 


• Briefly describe your process in creating your subvertisements. How did you decide on an idea and how did 

you go about putting things together. 

• Explain your subversive idea/message of both your images. 

• Describe why your designs make great visual images, such as which visual elements and/or principles of design 

were utilized in your composition. 

• Were your subvertisements successful or why were they not? 

• Also, include with the written analysis the original work which influenced your design. 


 For the written paper – Font size should not be larger than Times New Roman 12, if you are using a different font style. 

 Margins are standard – 1” top, bottom & sides. Don’t aim to make larger margins and less text. Better to have smaller 

 margins and more text. Paper should be approximately 2-3 pages. 




Grading Criteria – 30 points maximum 


 Two subvertisements and separate written paper will be graded on the following criteria: 


• Designing two challenging and interesting messages/ideas for subvertisements from original print media. (10pts) 

• The technical execution and clarity of your subvertisements. (8pts) 

• A written analysis which includes the above referenced items. (6pts) 

• Include copies of the originally selected print media. (3pts) 

• Following directions. (3pts)


These websites for examples:1.


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