theater study questions

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Read the questions before reading the chapter so you know what to look for in the text. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email–I’ll be happy to help. 100 words pre question

  1. The chapter spends a lot of time breaking down the difference between inside-out and outside-in acting techniques. What’s the difference? Briefly define each approach, and then explain what makes them different.
  2. What is “directorial vision?” You’ve seen a few plays so far this semester: pick one and explain what you feel the director’s vision might have been. (HINT: p. 82 references “idea” in connection with “directorial vision.” Where else have you heard idea as a component of theatre?) (use Buried Child:
  3. Production dramaturgy is a notoriously hard to define profession, since every production at every theatre has different dramaturgical needs. A key component of dramaturgy, however, is research. A dramaturg is often the research component of a production process, making sure complicated ideas and historical items all make sense to the production team and the audience alike. Pick any show you’ve seen this semester and imagine you’ve been asked to serve as dramaturg. For the show you’ve picked, what would be the first thing you’d research, and why? use buried child as well

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