interpersonal communications 1017 presentation proposal

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This is the reference presentation assignment :

You will be delivering your presentation on a community problem that is important to you.

To identify a topic, you need only think about what matters to you. Do you donate to the American Red Cross? Are you always encouraging your friends to reduce their carbon footprints? Do you work with people experiencing homelessness? If you’re not “into” something in your community, now is your chance to change that!

  • You may choose any side of an issue, but you must also present an opposing viewpoint. You may choose any organizational pattern that fits your topic and your approach and is appropriate for persuasive speaking.
  • Establish the existence of the problem to your audience.
  • Offer a clear and explicit solution to that problem. (In some cases, the proposed actions of your audience may represent a complete solution to the problem. In other cases, their action may be just the first step in a lengthy process. In still others, you are merely asking them to consider your point of view. In either case, your audience should have a specific understanding of what you want them to do.)
  • Call on your audience to be involved in that solution. The extent of your call to action depends on your audience’s existing attitude toward the topic.
  • Establish your credibility. Remember your credibility plays an important role in persuading audiences; as such, you must deal with oppositional arguments in a fair and convincing way. Good persuaders do not ignore the opposition, nor do they simply attack the opposition. They engage the opposition’s arguments in an even-handed way.
  • With that in mind, provide some acknowledgement of an opposing viewpoint.
  • Use unbiased sources and provide support for your claim; at least two of your sources MUST oppose your viewpoint.
  • All five of your sources should be cited orally in the speech.


Time: The presentation should run 6-8 minutes.


This activity will provide an opportunity for you to think critically about the presentation topic you would like to address, including understanding your audience, conducting preliminary research, and deciding whether the scope is manageable for the presentation requirements.

In 1-2 pages, describe what you plan to discuss in your upcoming presentation.

Prior to beginning your presentation, you will submit a proposal which outlines what you plan to discuss. Please include the following:

  1. What your topic is and why you chose it
  2. Who the intended audience(s) for your presentation might be
  3. A brief discussion of your position and main points you plan to make
  4. Potential rebuttals you might encounter
  5. Locate 3-5 scholarly sources associated with your topic and cite these sources in your proposal. Under each citation, write a 1-2 sentence annotation in which you discuss what this source is about and why you think it might be helpful to you. (You might not necessarily use these sources in your presentation, but the point is to discover whether your topic can be backed up with credible data.)


  • 1-2 pages in length (can be longer but not too much longer)
  • saved as any of the following file types: .doc, .docx, .gdoc (If you are unable to save as one of these, please notify me BEFORE the paper is due)
  • sources must be in APA format on a separate page; this page does not count toward your page number
  • double-spaced
  • Times New Roman
  • 12 point, black font
  • No cover page

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