aquinas five ways to prove that god exists the arguments

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Page Set-Up • One-inch margins all-around (Book-style, with 1.25 on left and .75 inch on right, is okay.) •

Typed, on white blank copy-type paper. • Double-spaced. No triple, variable, or 1.5 spacing.

• No double double-space between paragraphs.

• Regular papers are five pages, and honors typically ten. ° As for regular papers, what five pages means is: 4.5 to 6.0 pages. ° Of course, four and one-half pages reaches the middle of page five, not the middle of page four. ° Honors papers may vary from eight to fifteen or more pages, depending on what the student and instructor have worked out as best for the particular honors project concerned.

• Pagination: o Arabic numbers ( 1234). ° upper right-hand comer (in header) only. Header should also have the student’s last name. ° First page does not have a page number or header on it. ° Title page does not have a page number or header on it, and does not count in page count. ° Bibliography comes at the end of the paper, beginning on a separate sheet (no matter how much room there is on the last page of actual text). It is paginated straight from the end of the paper proper—e.g., the paper ends on p. 5, so the bibliography is on p. 6. Of course, it does not count in the page count

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