midterm midterm 2

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The midterm examination is presented in 4 parts:

Midterm Exam Part 1- Basic Income Statement Math

Midterm Exam Part 2- Compute the Food and Beverage Revenue (Steps 1-4)

Midterm Exam Part 3- Compute the Income Statement Using Variables and Statistics (Step 1 and 2)

Midterm Exam Part 4- Compute the Cost Card (Steps 1 and 2)

Each part is contained in the attached MS Excel Workbook.

On each workbook tab you will see each part of the exam with specific instructions.

Step1 : Download the excel spreadsheet to your computer and name the file: FSM 2180 Midterm and your last name then save the file to your computer.

Step 2 : complete all 4 parts of the exam on your copy of the workbook then upload the file to this submission area.

As a reminder you must produce your own response. You will have (2) attempts for the exam.

You must use MS Excel

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