entrepreneurship interview paper

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Entrepreneur Interview Paper

MGT 358 Entrepreneurship

Use this as a guideline.Write as a short paper; 1-2 pages with Headers, Intro, Conclusion, Photos, Works Cited, and Transcript, single-spaced, block paragraphs, sources cited in paper.Upload to BB “Assignments”

Title Page Includes the Following (does not count towards page count):

Your Name:

Your Roster Number:

Name of Entrepreneur:

Name of the Company:

Contact Phone and Email (I will only contact in order to verify interview):

The Date Interviewed:

Method of Interview (in-person, email, phone, video call):

Include photos of the Entrepreneur, Works Cited and Transcript of Interview (does not count towards page count)

About the business:Ask questions about how the business was started.How did the entrepreneur recognize an opportunity and develop it?

Challenges faced by Entrepreneur: Ask about what problems came up as the business got under way and how they were solved. What was a major challenge faced by the entrepreneur?How did the entrepreneur overcome the challenges?

Reflection/Advice: Ask the entrepreneur to reflect on his or her experience.What advice would he or she give to an aspiring entrepreneur? Has running a business been rewarding?

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