child psychopathology create an interview with parent of child with specific phobia and explain 4

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Interview Project Instructions


The goals of this project are to:

  • Gather “real world” examples of the concepts that we will discuss in class.
  • Develop an understanding of the perspectives of individual with disabilities, their families, and individuals who work in the field of Child Psychopathology.
  • Apply knowledge of class concepts to your discussion of information gained during your interview.

Part One

  • Write 10-20 Interview questions pertaining to the topic. NO MORE THAN 20.
  • The Interviewee must be: A PARENT.

-You should include questions related to AT LEAST ONE OF the following topics: prenatal development, early warning signs or indicators of the diagnosis, assessment, treatments or supports, school supports, impact on family, strengths and difficulties of the individual with the disability. The goal is to focus on one particular area that we have covered in class. So, you may choose to focus on diagnosis and assessment, and you could ask a parent specific questions about when their child was diagnosed, what specific warning signs were present, and what type of tests were used. (I chose DIAGNOSIS AND IMPACT ON FAMILY).

When you have completed your interview, you will write a summary paper.

Part Two

-DO NO submit a transcript of your interview. Instead, use excerpts from your interview and themes identified in the interview to illustrate concepts from class.

-In addition to material from class and your book, use at least 3 other PEER-REVIEWED sources to discuss themes in your interview. DO NOT USE WEB-BASED SOURCES.

-Your paper should be at least 8 pages of text (No cover page, MUST HAVE reference page) and no more than 10 pages long, in APA format.

-Please change the names of your interview participants to protect their identity.

-It is my strong preference that you conduct an actual interview, rather than simply emailing a set of questions to your interviewee. (interview questions already created answers can be made up but must be consistent with actual diagnosis)

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