shock in children

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K.H. is a 5-month-old female infant whose parents returned from a long weekend vacation to find their daughter very weak. Her babysitter said that nearly all of the disposable diapers had been used because of frequent, watery stools for the last 3 days. During the last 12 hours, K.H. had eight watery stools. K.H. was taken to an emergency room.

On physical examination, K.H. was lethargic, her anterior fontanel was depressed, and her eyes were sunken. Her skin was generally cool and gray, her capillary refill was delayed, and her peripheral pulses were weak. Her heart rate was 176 beats per minute, her blood pressure was 90/58 mm Hg, and her respirations 56 breaths per minute.

Discuss the pathophysiological changes that occur with this type of shock.

What factors from H. K.’s history could be contributing factors for this type of shock?

What treatment options are feasible for this patient? (Be specific.)

minimum of 2 references with intext citations

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