strategic planning 71

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Intial Question:

Organizational culture is a key factor in successfully implementing strategic initiatives. What aspects of culture are key to consider when implementing your Strategic Plan? Provide your rationale. Describe specific ways you will have considered the selected organizations culture in your Strategic Plan.

My Response

Organization culture entails underlying values and beliefs that are held dear by the company. They should be under consideration when strategic initiatives are under implementation. It ensures that the duties of the workers align with the set culture goals of an organization.

The first aspect of organizational culture that must be under consideration is corporate values. Values described what is suitable or desirable for organizations. The strategic initiatives must adhere to the desires of the organization (Gabriel, 2015).

The second aspect is communication. Information is essential in any organization as it facilitates the execution of duties. When data is availed in a timed manner and to the right individuals within the organization, the running of the organization will be efficient. When data is not availed, rumormongering may set in and distract the focus of workers.

Another essential aspect of organizational culture is good leaders. Leaders are like the drivers of any organization. Good leaders act as role models to motivate other workers to work hard. They also involve employees to be part of decisions making (Carter & Greer, 2013). When employees are part of decision making, they feel appreciated, hence they will be motivated. Likewise, they will feel part of the decisions made. As a result, they will take them as their own and work hard to deliver them.

I will specifically consider the values of the organization as well as the goals within the mission and vision statement. The strategic plans should go hand in hand with the organizational values as well as the set objective. As a result, there will be focus and coordination of effort to achieve positive results. When the strategic plans oppose values or mission statement, it may face opposition from workers and other stakeholders. The initiative will not be coordinated, and the result may be beyond reach.


Carter, S., & Greer, C. (2013). Strategic Leadership. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 20(4), 375-393. doi: 10.1177/1548051812471724

Gabriel, K. (2015). Organizational Development, Organizational Culture and Organizational Change. SSRN Electronic Journal. doi: 10.2139/ssrn.2686104

Respond to student response below:

I enjoyed your post and found myself thinking back to a few instances during my leadership career where communication and leadership were key aspects to changing the culture of an inpatient unit within a hospital setting. As I took over the directorship of 3 pediatric units, there was also a reorganization underway. Having to navigate the changes and support a staff I just started getting to know was a challenge. I had the medical director of another inpatient unit meet with me and two of the facility site administrator and chief nursing officer. The medical director asked that my department not proceed with thereorganization in order to stability the unit. Having listened to him carefully, I had to communicate to him and the c-suite leaders the reason my units had to proceed with the reorganization and articulate how I was going to help support the unit level supervisors and the staff. The staff had seen these types of tactics before where the previous director would agree with the physician and not have any ability to influence the staff when changes did need to be made. The word got out to the department that I did not “cower” to the medical director and this ended up given me a solid footing to guide the staff and drive change on the unit.

Thanks for calling out communication and leadership as key aspects.

APA no more than 2 references.

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