need help prog report 6

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Hello again.

Need help with part III of my progress report. Part 6

The topic is

The Effects of Piracy on the Music Industry

Progress Report VI:

The sixth proposal submission consists of your revised methodology section Progress Report VI consists of revised methodology pieces plus limitations, delimitations and preliminary thoughts on human subjects issues: the methodology introduction, revised research questions, research design, sampling method, instrumentation, limitations, delimitations, resulting actions, the human subjects consent appendix.

7 – 8 pages.

Developing Research Instruments: Surveys and Interviews (11:12)

Listen to how to design surveys and interviews to collect data most representative of the phenomena you’re trying to measure.

Instrumentation Software

These videos provide an overview of data collections and analysis software programs. Familiarize yourself with the programs you think you might use depending on what sort of data you’re collecting and analyzing.

  • Introducing the new SurveyMonkey
  • What is Qualtrics? | The world’s first Experience Management Platform
  • IBM SPSS Statistics Introduction and Overview of New User Interface
  • Telling a Complete Story with Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Dr John W Creswell
  • What Qualitative Data Analysis software can and can’t do for you – an intro video

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