mass shootings and mental health 1

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Minimum 5 full pages double spaced APA!

Use the approved thesis in the attached files for writing directions.

Include results of studies published on the issue/topic of the paper such as how many participants, how done, and what was found, learned from the study. At least three journal resources of the six should provide studies and results. Be sure to make the paper flow rather than be a collection of bits and pieces. Summarize your paper well so that it pulls together the information that is enlightening to the reader.


  1. Papers must be written using the current APA Publication Manual. Papers must be five to six pages double spaced plus a cover page and list of references page.
  2. Papers must include a minimum of six relevant resources/Journal articles, appropriately cited and referenced.
  3. Your paper is to be submitted in your Assignment Folder no later than 12/1/2019 @ 11:59 EST
  4. Be certain to follow APA style in referencing.
  5. Reminder: For information on APA formatting, go to (Then click on the Basics of APA Style OR ask a librarian

Reminder: You can also get library help online: and

The following criteria will be considered in evaluating your written assignment.

Attached is my approved thesis, it may provide direction in regard to the to the paper. Other than that I have some sources you maybe interested in looking into if would like me to attach them……



1) Topic discussed in detail

2) Writer supported assertions correctly

3) Understanding of material demonstrated coherently and logically


4) An introduction previews paper’s main point(s)

5) Body of paper develops and elaborates main points

6) An effective summary conclusion


7) Paper free of errors (e.g., misspellings, punctuation, paragraphing)

8) Paper grammatically sound (proper sentence structure)

9) Citations and references in proper (APA) style

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