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Module 7: Discussion Forum

Part 1: Initial Post

Think about the work you submitted for the previous assignments. Think about your research process and the feedback you received from your instructor.

What sort of feedback did you receive from your instructor, peer, and Smarthinking tutors? Share to whatever degree you are comfortable.

Additionally, now that you have conducted research and drafted your paper, has your opinion on the topic stayed the same, or changed in some way? As you reflect on your feedback, in 200 to 300 words, present a plan for the argument you will be presenting in your paper.

In a few sentences each, identify and explain how you plan to develop the following elements of your draft.

  • Rhetorical devices such as ethos, pathos, and logos
  • Thesis statement (the paper’s position), based upon feedback from your instructor
  • At least two claims, building upon last week’s research and assignment
  • At least one counter argument and ideas for rebuttal
  • Note any questions or concerns regarding the development of your argument so that your instructor/peers may provide advice for moving forward

Below is the response I have received thus far concerning the attachment below:

From the professor:

Nice job Darby. Nice job defining your stakeholders. I like the thesis as well. Follow APA format on the capitalization in your references. Per APA format, you capitalize the first word of the title, proper nouns and words after colons.

From the Smartthinking:

Introduction: Your introduction should provide a comprehensive overview of the topic. You will provide background and context, as you note the main concerns of the issue at hand. As you conclude this introduction, map out the stakeholder you plan to identify in your paper.
Body: Note the stakeholders and their positions. For each stakeholder, write out at least one paragraph noting who they are, what their positions are, and why this topic is significant to their point of view and or causes.
Body: 2 to 3 paragraphs. Provide analysis and synthesis of the various viewpoints.
How are various positions noted in the body paragraphs citing single stakeholders similar and/or different?
What connects the stakeholders?
What do you see as similarities or differences?
What is the confounding issue that makes this topic so complex?
Conclusion: In your conclusion, you can bring in your own topic thesis noted in the Module 3 assignment.
Be sure to synthesize the information you present in your body paragraphs in tandem with your own claim.
Be sure to address any gaps and issues for the future as tied to your claim.

Headers Levels: You do not need to title them exactly as noted here. Note: Do not include a header for your introduction per APA.

Stakeholders and Their Positions (level 1 header)
Stakeholder Positions (level 1 header)
Connecting Stakeholders (level 1 header)
Opinion on similarities and differences (level 2 header)
Confounding Issues (level 1 header)
Conclusion (level 1 header)

Feedback from Peers:


Is the thesis clear?

The thesis that you have provided is clear. I can see each of the points you are going to make in your paper.

Does the author use his or her own ideas in the thesis and argument?

From what I can tell you are using your ideas but the argument that you are trying to make could be clearer. Possibly take the last two sentences of your introduction and combining them than address the argument you are trying to make.

Is the significance of the problem in the paper explained? Is the significance compelling?

The significance of the problem is addressed. The second paragraph of your paper does go into more in-depth of the problem of finding more people suited for project management.

Are the ideas developed logically and thoroughly?

Each of your supporting paragraphs is clearly developed with supportive evidence. With each of your points of evidence, you are explaining how each of these points is supporting how a person can be successful in the employment of project management. Though while you do have great support and ideas I believe that you can expand more on them.

Are different viewpoints acknowledged?

There could be more viewpoints integrated into your paragraphs. Possibly giving information from Project managers themselves who have gotten PMP certifications.

Are objections effectively handled?

In your counter argument, I can see that you can consider the drawbacks of the PMP certification.

Does the author give adequate explanations about the sources used?

I enjoy the numerous examples that you provide throughout your paper but I believe that you can expand more on the examples.

Is the word choice specific, concrete and interesting?

I enjoyed the transitions that you have used but try to not use them too much.

Are the transitions between paragraphs smooth?

Some paragraphs do start the same way but it can easily be fixed. Overall, the transition between the paragraphs are clear and separate each of the points.

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