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Research your favorite type of dance (ie ballet, hip hop, jazz, steppin, modern, flamenco, latin, salsa, ballroom etc.) Identify, analyze and evaluate this type of dance and describe the mechanical principles, strategies and tactics regarding movement, terminology, etiquette, safety issues, types of music and leaders in this type of dance. 

*Mechanics of dance-(run, hop, step, jump, tap your foot etc.) +1 
*Explain the dance terms such as plie, shuffles, tendu etc. +1
*Strategies/Tactics-(ways to get the audience involved and help to feel your performance)+1 
–Example props, costumes, scenery, facial expressions, body movements– 
*Explain proper dance etiquette in class and during the performance +.5 
*Explain Safety +.5
*Explain the dance leaders or founders of that particular dance or popular singers who dance to that particular type of dance. +1

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