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Deliverable: Getta Byte Software Project Scope Statement (30 points)

Now that you’ve seen what the Getta Byte team discussed (in the Week 2 Lesson Video) to formulate the project scope for the billing project, write and submit a one- to two-page paper about what was included in the scope and what may have been missed.

  • What do you think the team should consider to include in the scope?
  • Do you believe that this project could work as an Agile project? If so, what would have to be done with the project scope?

For additional instructions and guidelines, refer to the Course Project Overview page, located under Introduction and Resources


Hugh:We need to name the project

Kent: Let’s call it Getta Bill

Nonia: Great name

Hugh: The project is about replacing our current billing system.

Ima: Yes. Replacing it with an cloud-based, accurate, easy to use system.

Kent: We need more detail than that

Ima: Well, it is going to reduce billing errors by 15%.

Hugh:What are some of the requirements we need to be sure it fills?

Nonia: The system has to have some audit capabilities. We have to be able generate specific, dynamic reports regarding number of customers billed, total billing for various periods and the ability to drill-down for details.

Kent: Let’s talk about what the project has to deliver.

Ima: It has to deliver accurate data for all of our customers. It has to be an accessible system for all of our billing representatives. It is a cloud based system.

Nonia: Remember we cannot do anything to the Financial System of Record except to interface. It’s definitely out of scope.

Hugh: So what will make this acceptable to our internal and external customers?

Ima: Ease of use, transaction speed improved by 30%, dynamic reporting. Billing cycles reduced by 30%.

Kent: What milestones are we looking at?

Nonia: Customer data must be migrated to the cloud completely by August 25. Development will be complete by August 15. The first Pilot will be complete by September 1. We’ll be all done by September 10.

Hugh: We’re going to need at least one data architect, two developers and some billing representatives for testing, a project manager. We are going to have to decide if we use internal resources or external. If we are going to buy the system or build it ourselves.

Nonia:We will also need some test machines before we release this and a test environment.

Kent: What does the budget look like?

Ima: Labor: Developers: $50,000 Data Specialist $50,000 Software Purchase: $100,000 Project Manager: $50,000

Kent: What is going to hold us back?

Nonia: That budget! The schedule!!!

Ima: We also have to assume that we won’t have to do any troubleshooting with our network. We also to assume that the current customer data is accurate.

Kent: Wow! We have a lot to do. That’s our scope! Let’s start planning the rest of our project!!!

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