500 essay hacu national internship program

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Please see all attachments

Please submit a 500 word typed essay answering the following 4 questions:

1. What interests you about the HACU National Internship Program?

2. How will the HACU National Internship Program enhance your academic and career goals?

3. What role do you see public service playing in your professional and personal life?

4. Given your work experiences, what skills do you bring to the HACU National Internship Program, and what skills are you looking to further develop?

This is what she had so far for the questions above:

  • HACU’s National Internship Program is a career development opportunity that supports my passion for biochemical research.
  • Interning at HACU – HNIP will allow me to gain more hands-on experience and to develop professional skills such as collaboration, teamwork, safety, and ethics.
  • As an undergrad college student working towards my Bachelors degree in Biology, I plan to continue and develop the skills necessary for experimental research and data science.

Gathering information, hypothesizing, and making conclusions

I am currently working on a project using computational methods to study the binding of imidazoles and valosin-containing protein.

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