two question for psyc

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Are humans getting smarter or are IQ tests poor measures of intelligence?

This blog is linked to the lecture on Intelligence & Individual Differences.

IQ as measured by standardized intelligence tests has been steadily increasing over the last 50 years. Why is this the case and what does it mean in regards to human development? Include in your blog:

1. What the Flynn effect is?

2. Why IQ might be increasing?

3. Whether these IQ gains reflect genuine gains in intelligence? and

4. Determine whether we are raising smarter children today?

Kremer (2015). Are humans getting cleverer?

Gambino (2012). Are You Smarter Than Your Grandfather? Probably Not.

American Psychological Association (2004). Intelligence and Achievement Testing: Is the Half-Full Glass Getting Fuller?

Research Article:

Blair C., Gamsonb, D., Thornec, S., Bakerd D. (2005). Rising mean IQ: Cognitive demand of mathematics education for young children, population exposure to formal schooling, and the neurobiology of the prefrontal cortex. Intelligence, 33, 93 – 106. doi:10.1016/j.intell.2004.07.008


Inclusion for Special Needs Children in Ontario

Special Needs Children

Promoting the integration of children with disabilities into school and community settings is important. Identify barriers that students identified with intellectual disabilities/special needs and their parents and guardians face in Ontario’s public school system and in their communities.

1. What are the Issues?

2. And how do we best address them?

3. What do you think should/can be done about it?

People for Education (September 4, 2018). Changes needed to make Ontario schools more inclusive.

People for Education, 2018 Annual report on schools: The new basics for public education

McQuigge, M. (June 26, 2018). Ontario students with special needs increasingly asked to stay home: Report

Community Living Ontario (May 4, 2018). If Inclusion Means Everyone Why Not Me?

Research Article:

Guralnick, M. (2015) Early Intervention for Children with Intellectual

Disabilities: An Update. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 30, 211–229. doi/epdf/10.1111/jar.12233

Carvalho, M., Peery, A., Bebko, J. & Minnes, P. (2014). Social Inclusion of Ontario Children with Developmental Disabilities in Community Settings: Brief Report. Journal of Developmental Disabilities, 20(3), 87-93.

each question need around 500 words

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