social work supervision in organizational context

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Reflect on and discuss the following questions using the readings from this week’s module, as well as CVF and Stories of Transformative Leadership:

  1. How are social work supervision and management roles different and how are they similar? What are the goals and values of each?
  2. What strengths does the social work supervisory role bring to the organization vs. management or other organizational leadership type roles? What organizational values do they each address? What are some of the challenges associated with each role?
  3. How do these roles complement one another to achieve a balance and stability within the organization?
  4. What skills contribute to the effectiveness of each of these roles?
  5. Describe your own experiences with these roles either as a manager, supervisor or supervisee within an organization you have worked in as an employee, volunteer, or intern. Describe which role you feel or have felt most competent in. Do you have a preference for any particular role? Would your response differ depending upon whether you are answering from the perspective of an employee or an employer? (Describe this as if you were a social worker)


500 Words APA format!!

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