i need an essay 21

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Has to be 2000 words long, art museum proposal. It will analyze 4 works of art that I will provide, its an analysis of how Aztec art was affected by the arrival of the Spanish in Mesoamerica. I will send all of the information needed and resources to complete the essay. I will also send my annotated works cited and thesis statement. Respond any questions needed as well.

It should include an introduction consisting of a brief overview of the existing, relevant scholarship, and the identification of a theme or question to be addressed by your exhibition and the rationale for it. It should also provide a clear and concise thesis statement indicating your proposed solution to the problem or question that you identify in the analysis of the existing scholarship. Your final project should be well-organized and provide supporting evidence from your research that clearly identifies your contribution to the field.

It has to be done in MLA format.

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