research paper 1440

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Length for Final Draft: 4-5 typewritten pages, MLA format

Sources: Two sources from Patterns anthology + four outside sources preferably from library databases

Choose a theme regarding a specific aspect of travel, like volunteering, studying abroad, purpose of a gap year, career exploration, career preparation, language acquisition, escapism, cultural awareness, historical research, ancestry search

Research the topic and argue/persuade that college students should travel for this specific reason. Make sure your thesis statement is clearly argumentative, not informative.

Write in third person only. Argue, don’t give advice.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does the paper accurately and thoroughly address all aspects of the prompt?

  1. Does the paper employ an effective introduction? Does the introduction offer sufficient background context to define the conversation? Does the paper assert a clear, specific thesis? Does the introduction interest the reader?

  1. Does the paper employ effective body paragraphs? Do the body paragraphs offer clear, focused topic sentences? Do the body paragraphs offer textual examples, either in direct quotation or paraphrase form?

  1. Does the paper employ proper MLA in-text citations? Are the sources fluidly integrated into the body of the paper? Are the sources introduced and contextualized? Are the sources properly cited in MLA style?

  1. Is the paper free of grammatical and punctuation errors?

  1. Does the conclusion sum up the argument and avoid giving advice?

Okay so I will attach all my 6 source as soon as I get in touch with the tutor. I will attach the research outline which should help. I will also attach the annotated bibliography if you wish to use it it.

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