reflection papers to gain a greater awareness of your progress and development as a therapist 5

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Reflection Papers

To gain a greater awareness of your progress and development as a therapist, you will hand in reflection papers that will be 1-2 pages in length. They should address the following topics:


I have had the chance to implement different interventions in helping clients cope with their mental issues. Some of the strategies used with patients include group therapy, interpersonal therapy, and emotion-focused therapy.

Group therapy involves planning a group meeting with a few of the patients (Sundquist et al., 2015). The clients have an open platform to share their problems while others listen. This approach has been effective as I have received positive feedback from one of the clients. Also, interpersonal therapy entails treatment with a focus on depression and interpersonal issues such as relationships (Hetrick, Cox, Witt, Bir & Merry, 2016). Emotion-focused therapy requires a therapist to focus on emotions and how a patient can cope with them.

I relate my success at the worksite with one incident where I was able to assist a male patient. The male client, aged 23, was struggling with depression and anxiety and seemed to have issues with his family. In the beginning of his hospitalization he appeared sad and overwhelmed, he was cooperative and able to follow directions and able to answer provided questions. His mother was controlling person. My patients feel like everything has to be approved by his mom. His father is workaholic and the last time my patient, so his father was last year in November. In his case, I resulted to using group therapy which allowed him to listen to the problems that other patients deal within their lives. I have also had a individual session with him. During my last individual session my patient appeared much more happier and his face was brighter, we were discussing boundaries with his mom and his future plans. My approach was effective because after our sessions; my patient had approached me and appreciated my work as a counselor. He said that I was a good counselor and I have the good vibes for that job, and I believe that with my interventions, I can offer help to more people.

My work also has some challenges, such as dealing with reluctant clients. I have to assist all patients without being biased. Personal judgments do not apply to my duty as a therapist. Moreover, I have to accommodate all issues that impact the mental status of the clients such as addiction, stress, depression, and complicated relationships, among others. Nevertheless, I have learned a few important things about my job. I know that I need to be patient, understanding, and intelligent. I understand that some patients do well with group therapy while others improve from emotion-focused therapy. Thus, I have to follow up a patient to identify the best clinical intervention that will be effective in treatment.

My goals as a therapist include building awareness, understanding, acceptance, and respect for patients and myself. My progress is positive as I continue to assist more individuals in learning how to cope with difficult issues in life. I have managed to apply clinical approaches and interventions in my work that are similar to the ones proposed in books. For instance, some of the recommended approaches include group therapy and interpersonal interventions, which I have applied in my clinical w

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