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1. Proposal- 

You are required to produce a work proposal briefing the expected deliverables,

approach towards the solution, potential risks and timeline.

Expected Deliverables of the assignment [The deliverables are the specific work

products that student must produce in order to complete the assignment. Example:

For a business analysis assignment, deliverables could be business analysis plan,

feasibility report, business requirement specification etc.] Approach towards the

solution [Specify the Literature, Software and Hardware needed to meet the

assignment objectives] Potential risks foreseeable [Technical risk, Management risk,

External risk etc.] Timeline and work breakdown (Gantt chart): References

Part A


a. Overview of Omantel, business, and Commentary on its reason for being

b. Discussion on mission and vision of the Omantel 

Business Information

c. Identification of business/organisational strategy employed by Omantel 

d. Analysis of aforementioned strategies and recommendations for improvement

IS/IT Information

e. Identification of IS/IT strategy employed by Omantel 

f. Analysis of aforementioned IS/IT strategy and recommendation for improvement

Part B

Individual Reflections

a. Critical analysis of business strategy for Business process automation)

b. Critical analysis of the strategic decision-making model(s)

c. Identification of critical technological trends and recommendations for improvement.

Conclusion – 

d. Summary of key facts regarding the presentation 

e. Summary of key outcomes regarding your analysis 

Rigour of argument 

Statistical evidences 

Presentation content 

Usage of effective visual aids 


Follow the guidelines mentioned below for your assignment.

? The assignment should not be more than 20 pages in (size A4) paper.

? It should have Table of Contents

? Use page numbers

? Assignment should be typed in your own words using Times New Roman font

size 12.

? Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, Underline

? Use Diagrams and Examples to explain your topic, provided citation, if


? You are encouraged to refer the books in Library or use internet resource or

computer magazines or any other resource but you should not cut/copy and

paste from internet. The report should be in your own words.

? Copy paste from the Internet is strictly not acceptable.

? CU Harward referencing style must be followed

? Based on a company within an industry sector of your choice, identify the major strategic

drivers surrounding the business organisation and its sector-specific influences including

the ability to help meet sustainability development goals

? Furthermore you will need to identify and critically evaluate the strategic decision-making

model(s) being used with in that organization.

? Use appropriate theories and models throughout to show understanding of taught

subject and your ability to critically analyse both the chosen sector and company therein;

? The company chosen needs to have a large web presence from which you can get an

appropriate level of information;

? The presentation should be properly structured, using a variety of presentation modes

(e.g. text, tables, pictures, graphs, etc.) and presented in an upbeat modern manner.

Assume the presentation will be seen by perspective investors in the sector and should

be styled in an appropriate manner for such an audience;

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