engl 1301 summary min 300 words and a 4 research paper

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Choose an article of your choosing on the topic you have chosen for your Causal Analysis Essay (make sure that you evaluate the article as a legitimate source before utilizing. Re-visit Module Two if you do not remember how to evaluate sources). Unless otherwise stated by me, you will be allowed to use this article for evidence in your Causal Analysis Essay. Choose wisely!

Assignment Specifications:

MLA format

Make sure to provide the author’s name and title of article in your summary

Utilize one in-text citation in MLA format

Make sure to create a works cited entry for the article (this should be included, in MLA format, on a separate, last page of your article summary)

300 word minimum

Prompts (pay close attention to whether the focus is on causes or effects):

A. Causes of the popularity of vampires

B. Causes of underage drinking

C. Causes of “sexting”

D. Causes of the “Me Too” movement

E. Causes of increased divorce rates

F. Causes of obesity in America

G. Causes or Effects of the sexualization of female athletes

H. Effects of dress codes in high schools

I. Effects of social media on relationships

J. Effects of high stakes testing in public school

K. Effects of legalization of marijuana

L. Effects of daycare on children

M. Causes or Effects of immigration laws

N. Causes or Effects of domestic abuse

O. Effects of “fairy tales” on young girls

P. Effects of social media/entertainment on self-image

Locate your secondary sources (library, internet, and/or field research), and make sure to evaluate these sources – You will need 3-4 secondary sources for this essay. You will need to write a summary of ONE of these articles

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